Every human being
has a passion.

Mine is journalism.

This is me

I'm currently in Year 11 at Ararat College in regional Victoria, navigating school work and covering local news stories for my community. I founded Ararat College's student-run news station (AC News) at the beginning of 2017, turning it into one of Ararat's major news sources. I was one of Victoria's first Youth Congress members, I've worked with many organisations and gained experience at Nine News Melbourne, Tennis Australia and the ABC. I now host and produce Ararat's first local news podcast, Ararat's Latest and work for The Ararat Advocate.

Communication  Writing 
Video Production 

 Journalism   Social Media

Podcasting    TV Presenting  


I report local news
and keep my community informed.

Interviews &


Over the past three years, I have appeared in a number of publications and on a number of TV programs, speaking about my work (AC News, Ararat's Latest & the Ararat Advocate), regional journalism and my passion for news.


Recent Articles

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