Every human being
has a passion.

Mine is journalism.

This is Jack

Jack Ward is currently in Year 11 at Ararat College in regional Victoria, navigating school and the job of covering local news for his community. He founded Ararat College's student-run news station (AC News) at the beginning of 2017, turning it into one of Ararat's major news sources. He was also one of Victoria's first Youth Congress members in 2018 and has worked with many organisations - gaining experience at Nine News Melbourne, Tennis Australia and the ABC. Jack was named Student Journalist of the Year by Youth Journalism International in May 2020, and now hosts and produces Ararat's first local news podcast whilst working for Ararat's new local newspaper, the Ararat Advocate.

Communication  Writing 
Video Production 

 Journalism   Social Media

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Jack reports local news
and keeps his community informed.

Interviews &


Over the past three years, Jack has appeared in a number of publications and on a number of TV programs, speaking about my work (AC News, Ararat's Latest & the Ararat Advocate), regional journalism and my passion for news.


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