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About Me

I'm currently in Year 11 at Ararat College in regional Victoria, navigating school work and covering local news stories for my community. I foundered Ararat College's student-run news station (AC News) at the beginning of 2017, turning it into one of Ararat's major news sources.

When AC News launched in March of 2017, we were publishing video segments via Instagram to less than 100 followers. By the end of 2019 - when I stepped away from my passion project - we were producing high-quality video segments, written articles and photojournalism. AC News was reaching thousands each month across the local community.

My passion for telling a story has been with me for as long as I can remember, as has my love for news. I've been watching breakfast television, the nightly news and reading newspapers since I was in Grade 3 - admiring the work of journalists and presenters.


Since the launch of AC News, I have begun my journalistic journey, soaking in the work of professionals and gaining valuable 'real-life' experience. I've interviewed Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Nine's Peter Hitchener, MP James Merlino, MP Louise Staley, local residents and students. Learning from each interview and growing my range off skills and knowledge.

At the beginning of 2019, AC News expanded into print alongside video, launching a website. This decision was made to extend content platforms and allow for more students to be involved in what has become a valued, respected and trusted news source for the Ararat community.

As well as growing AC News I have written for a number of other organisations (RUOK, Project Rockit & Youth Journalism International) and been actively involved in my community. I was a member of Victoria's first Youth Congress in 2018, along with 20 other incredible young people committed to creating change and making Victoria a better place for those under 25.

At the end of 2018, I completed a week of work experience at Tennis Australia during the December Showdown and Junior Australian Championship with their media team. I conducted interviews, wrote articles and soaked in a wealth of knowledge. In September of 2019, I headed to Nine News Melbourne for another stint of experience - learning from the best. This was followed by another week at ABC Ballarat later that month.

As I head into 2020, I am looking forward to expanding my new podcasting project. Ararat's Latest will launch on January 20th 2020. A weekly show bringing news to the local community live on Facebook, shared via podcasting apps following the broadcast. This is a new venture for me but one I am excited to conquer and learn from.

Many of my articles are published/linked from this site, as well as segments that I've produced, anchored and edited. If you have any questions about me or my work, please get in contact via the details below.

Kindest Regards,

Jack Ward

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