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A home for young performers

Published in The Ararat Advocate, Ararat's weekly newspaper published by West Vic News Pty Ltd.

ARARAT’S youngest performers will now have a youth-focused theatre company to call home.

PHOTO: Zafirah Davies-Harrison (Jack Ward/The Ararat Advocate)

Performing arts enthusiast, play writer and director, Zafirah Davies-Harrison, has announced the birth of Ararat Youth Theatre, to provide local teens with an opportunity to shine on stage.

“Even though there are many opportunities for the youth to get involved with other theatre groups here, we need one that's more youth-based and something for them to be really involved with,” she said.

Ms Davies-Harrison is currently in the midst of online rehearsals for her original production, ‘Mystery at Mo’s,’ which will hopefully grace the stage early next year.

The 15-year-old said rehearsals are going well despite the internet lag, but that the young actors are looking forward to rehearsing in the same room in the coming weeks.

“It's quite difficult if you have to perform as friends, to form that friendship when you're staring at each other on the screen,” she said.

“We may be able to start in-person rehearsals finally, following the news that non-contact indoor physical recreation can resume for under 18s, with 20 people.”

Ms Davies-Harrison said she has had a positive response to the new theatre company’s launch from her current cast members and other companies in town.

“They were very excited, and I loved seeing the shocked looks on their faces. It was amazing,” she said.

“Ararat Musical Comedy Society has been very supportive and said that we need something like this, offering support as well.”

She is now looking to form a small committee of young performers to meet monthly so Ararat Youth Theatre can grow as restrictions ease.

“It's a theatre company but for the youth of our community. Shows will be youth-based and we'll have activities to get young people more involved with the arts,” she said.

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