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College reconnects with past students to lift aspirations

Published in The Ararat Advocate, Ararat's weekly newspaper published by West Vic News Pty Ltd.

ARARAT College is seeking interest from past students to join their new alumni database, designed to increase aspiration levels amongst students.

The secondary school is wanting to hear what ex-students have gone on to do once completing their high schooling to help inspire current students about the possibilities after life in the classroom.

PHOTO: Ararat College Acting Assistant Principal Emma Henry and Skinco owner Sarah Holland.

Acting Assistant Principal Emma Henry said the school is encouraging past students across all previous school structures to fill out a database form.

“The goal of the program will be to create awareness of some of the fantastic things that past students from Ararat College have moved on to and then using that information to help inspire our current students,” she said.

Those who attended Ararat Grammar School, Ararat Higher Elementary School, Ararat Technical School, Ararat Community College, Ararat Secondary College and now Ararat College are welcome to contribute.

“Sometimes we lose touch with some people who have gone through and done really amazing things within their field,” Ms Henry said.

“And sometimes students, when they're at school, are unaware of the possibilities that are out there in the world.”

By getting past students to fill out a form on the Ararat College Facebook page, the school will be able to understand where students have ended up in an effort to celebrate achievements and align them with current students.

Ms Henry said it’s one way the school is hoping to improve aspiration levels which are known to be low in Ararat, incorporating the different pathway options individuals have taken.

“Generally, when we talk about career pathways with our students we’ll say, you'll finish Year 12, you'll go to university and you'll get a job,” she said.

“That’s a great option but it’s a generic kind of pathway that we are aware of, but we also love to hear different stories too.”

Past students can find the alumni form on the school’s Facebook page.

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