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Crucial time for face-to-face teaching

Published in The Ararat Advocate, Ararat's weekly newspaper published by West Vic News Pty Ltd.

STUDENTS have rejoiced the long-awaited news that they will be heading back to the classroom after the upcoming school holidays.

For year 12 students, it means they’ll have the opportunity to spend time with their teachers in the crucial weeks leading up to the examination period.

PHOTO: Marian College year 12 student, Jasmine Jagan (Supplied)

Tyra Flavell is studying year 12 at Ararat College and has been travelling well in remote learning, but she said it’s important for students to be able to have face-to-face teaching before exams.

“When exams come up, I want to be one-on-one with teachers. I want to make sure I've got everything down pat. I'm doing all the work but I need that one on one time as well,” she said.

“We're almost at the end of the year, there's no point giving up now. Otherwise, you've just done the whole year for nothing.”

The remote learning environment has had mixed reactions from students, with some enjoying the flexibility and others struggling to maintain motivation levels.

Marian College year 12 student, Jasmine Jagan, said it has been hard to muster the study mentality this time around.

“The first time, I was actually really good. I was organised and I knew it was coming but second time around… I'm kind of on the negative side of things but I'm trying to get through as much as I can,” she said.

“I feel like everyone's starting to get a little bit stressed, especially with exams coming up as well.

“I had a stress cry a few weeks back and then I was like, no, I need to get organised. So I've managed my time a bit better.”

Ms Jagan has relied heavily on her love for music to sooth the angst and stresses of working independently from home.

“I'm a very musical person so I try to take breaks for myself. Whenever I feel myself getting a bit stressed I put some good positive music on, dance to it and have my own little vibe,” she said.

Both students will be spending their upcoming school holidays revising, but also finding time for a break before one of their busiest school terms.

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