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Dux backflip

Published in The Ararat Advocate, Ararat's weekly newspaper published by West Vic News Pty Ltd.

ARARAT College has been forced to amend its dux announcement for 2020 after naming the wrong student.

PHOTO: Year 12 Jodan Grant has been named 2020 Ararat College dux after an administrative error. (Jack Ward/Ararat Advocate)

Principal Ellie McDougall said the mistake was caused by an “administration error” and that the overall dux for 2020 is Jodan Grant with an ATAR of 55, not Jessica Low who was announced last week with a score of 50.4.

“We continue to acknowledge and congratulate Jess Low on receiving the highest ATAR of our cohort going on to tertiary education,” she said.

Jodan Grant first realised the mistake when reading last week’s edition of the Ararat Advocate.

“I literally read the Advocate and was like, wait a minute, my ATAR is a bit higher than that,” he said.

He acknowledged that mistakes happen and is proud to now hold the honour, having faced a health battle on top of the remote learning stresses.

“I was diagnosed in 2019 with narcolepsy and cataplexy so that was really hard. I had lots of doctor's appointments, and I was on and off all these different tablets, but we figured it out,” he said.

His condition is a chronic sleep disorder characterised by daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep mixed with a sudden, brief loss of voluntary muscle tone.

“Because of cataplexy, it makes me not be able to focus when it happens. And that actually happened during a couple of the exams, but I still managed,” he said.

Mr Grant walked into VCE with no plan for further education and it remains that way. He is looking forward to continuing his current job and looking at different career options.

“My plan is to keep working at the Outdoor Pool. I've started putting chemicals in, I've been trusted to do that now,” he said.

“I'm just trying to get better at that, but I also might start plumbing with my grandfather. I've just got too many options.”

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