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News Values

This was an RMIT exercise completed in my first-year of studying a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism).

Fireman Accident:

A man died when his car struck a fire engine responding to a false alarm on the Post Road and Rollins Avenue intersection this morning.

Two firemen in an unknown condition were hospitalised..

The fire truck suffered about $90,000 worth of damage.

The victim’s van entered the intersection on Post Road at about 60 km.

The fire engine was travelling about 40kms with its lights and sirens flashing.

Car Reports:

Small cars are putting drivers at a heightened risk of accident, according to a report released today.

The Highway Loss Data Institute found drivers of small or midsized cars are more likely to be injured compared to their larger counterparts.

Injury claim frequencies and repair losses are reported to be at least 30 percent higher than average for smaller cars.

The safety of larger vehicles such as station wagons are bolstered by the Canberra study, reporting 40 percent to 50 percent better-than-average claim records.

Dangers of Hot Dogs:

Medical professionals are warning of the danger posed by hotdogs, reporting weekly deaths caused by the choking hazard.

The Journal of the Victorian Medical Association published an article today, urging parents to never feed hotdogs to children under four or cut them crosswise.

The association estimates one Victorian chokes to death on a hotdog every five days.

“If you were trying to design something that would be perfect to block a child’s airway, it would be a bite-size piece of a hotdog,” a researcher said.

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