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Parso reignites the live music scene

Published in The Ararat Advocate, Ararat's weekly newspaper published by West Vic News Pty Ltd.

LIVE music returns to town tomorrow night and it’s hoped it will provide a much-needed boost for hospitality.

PHOTO: Parso is ready to rock The Rex and bring live music back to Ararat. (Jack Ward/The Ararat Advocate)

Andrew Parsons ‘Parso’ will grace the stage at The Rex from 6:30pm in his first public performance following Victoria’s COVID lockdown.

Mr Parsons said he is looking forward to helping the community reconnect.

“It's great for me personally because I get an opportunity to go out and strut my stuff, but it's also good for the community to have an opportunity to connect again, come together,” he said.

“That's the best thing about music in small towns, it brings us together and gives us an opportunity just to forget about things a little bit – to relax and enjoy.”

The local musician conducted several live streams throughout lockdowns after his wife, Carly, launched the ‘Pay it Forward Western Victoria’ Facebook page with a friend.

“The first couple, they surprised the hell out of us. The feeling Carly and I described after the live streams was very much like we were doing something live, there was so much engagement,” he said.

The streams entertained tens of thousands but Mr Parsons said nothing beats the satisfaction he gains from local gigs at events and venues.

“I did a couple of warm-up shows last weekend trying to, I suppose, get the chops back up again,” he said.

“They were good to just get those skills back up again in how to read the crowd and remembering the lyrics. I'm just looking forward to seeing who comes, seeing some old faces again.”

Owner of The Rex, Hayden Crawford said it is vital to have performers like Mr Parsons back entertaining their patrons.

“To give you an indication, last Saturday night we served 20 people inside the restaurant and we did about 40-50 takeaway deliveries. But inside the restaurant this Saturday night, we've already got 60 booked in,” he said.

“Locals seem to be very standoffish about coming out and I understand why, but the sooner they come out the better off it will be for business – for everyone.”

Mr Crawford said they are planning weekly performances in the New Year to ignite a flame that has been absent for much of 2020.

Bookings are essential for tomorrow night’s show.

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