• Jack Ward

Reporting on Statistics

This was an RMIT exercise completed in my first-year studying a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism).

Tuna salad sandwiches have the same amount of fat as three McDonalds Quarter Pounders, according to an Australian Nutrition Foundation survey released today.

The study examined 170 sandwiches from 30 randomly chosen takeaway food outlets across Melbourne.

Chief nutritionist Jane Smith said tuna may be fat free, but it is “drowning” in “about” one-third of a cup of mayonnaise.

“That’s the equivalent of three McDonald’s Quarter Pounders, fat wise,” she said.

The foundation recommends 65 grams total fat, 20 grams saturated fat and 2400 milligrams of sodium as daily limits.

Ms Smith said the study found consuming ham and mustard sandwiches resulted in almost 100 percent of sodium daily intake being consumed.

“People tend to think of sandwich as just a bite to eat, but many shops are giving you a dinner’s worth of fat and calories,” she said.

The healthiest option reported by the study is a roast beef sandwich with mustard, setting sandwich eaters back 20 percent of the daily saturated fat intake.

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