• Jack Ward

Story Pitch

This was an RMIT exercise completed in my first-year studying a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism).

Hi Craig,

I’m an RMIT Journalism student and employee of Nine News Melbourne emailing you as a freelancer, with a hard news and partner colour story perfect for your Ararat audience. I hope you are well.

Ararat Rural City Council is adopting a new Planning Scheme Review which is currently on the table for feedback from the community. The review acknowledges there has been no process to resolve historic zonings since amalgamation which has stunted the growth of the town - a hot topic for your audience. The hard news story will include interviews with Council CEO Dr Tim Harrison and Mayor Jo Armstrong.

A partner colour story with AME System’s managing director will highlight the impact of the housing shortage on their business, and the threat of Ararat losing parts of the employer if changes are not made.

Please let me know if you are interested in these two stories by the end of the week (May 14).

Kind Regards,

Jack Ward


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