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The Warner Family settles in at Green Eggs

Published in The Ararat Advocate, Ararat's local weekly newspaper published by West Vic News Pty Ltd.

Great Western’s Green Eggs has had a change of ownership early this year after Alan and Shelley Green put their 21-year-old business on the market.

The Warner Family of Jaskro Park, Dundonnell in South West Victoria acquired the property and its 35,000 chickens in January.

Green Egg's owner Kate Warner (Jack Ward/The Ararat Advocate)

The purchase allows them to expand their family operation, having owned Caravan Eggs since 2015 with a dream of producing truly free-range eggs on a sustainable model and supplying them directly to the customer.

Kate Warner said the expansion enables them to grow and develop into the long term, with both businesses continuing to operate each in their own right.

“Alan and Shelley Green have made a pioneering contribution to the free-range egg industry; we feel privileged to maintain the legacy they have built-in Green Eggs,” Ms Warner said.

Kate and her mother, Jill Warner, are managing the egg production component of the family business in Great Western.

Ms Warner is excited to continue the Green Eggs story and work with existing customers.

“Whilst the COVID-19 restrictions have impacted our ability to meet businesses in person, we have been working hard to make contact with Green Eggs customers and will continue to connect with customers into the future,” she said.

“We believe strong customer and producer relationships are so important to any business.”

“It's business as usual at Green Eggs and our sales have been good. This is an opportunity to grow on a larger scale and give Victoria the opportunity to purchase more free-range eggs.”

The purchase of Green Eggs has increased their production by 14,250 dozen eggs on average each week as they look to build upon the established brand into the future.

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